We offer energy services designed to meet every need

At the Simetría Group we have specialist professionals to guide our clients and help them find the best solution with regard to energy services and facilities.

The energy services offered by the Group include the installation of renewable energy systems, energy-efficient lighting systems, energy audits and studies, and comprehensive energy installation and management services for companies.

At Simetría we provide these services to other companies and public bodies, always with the aim of optimising our clients’ facilities and costs through the provision of personalised energy management and advice.

Photovoltaic Energy

Our experience enables us to offer an all-inclusive suite of services for photovoltaic energy and self-consumption facilities. At Simetría we begin each project by carrying out the necessary paperwork and procedures for the installation of solar panels. We then draw up the plans and project design, and last but not least we proceed with the installation. Additionally, after building and installing photovoltaic self-consumption facilities for industry and the tertiary sector, we also provide operation and maintenance services.


Universitat Jaume I

Solar Thermal Energy

At Simetría we manufacture and install the modules that enable the generation of heat at high temperatures, in the same way as the conventional boilers that are used in the majority of factories. In other words, our modules are the equivalent of a solar boiler. The modules generate thermal energy, in the form of steam, thermal oil, water or air. Our patented system, which we manufacture at our own facilities, has already been installed in numerous locations throughout south-west Spain.



Energy Efficiency

Simetría’s energy services also stand out for their capacity to make our clients’ facilities more energy efficient. Our experience in the area of energy efficiency enables us to reduce the energy consumption of industrial facilities, office buildings, public buildings and homes. Moreover, our extensive experience in the area of construction enables us to make our clients’ facilities more efficient and lower their energy requirements, by implementing the most cutting-edge technologies and improving the building envelope.


SALONI Ship Extraction System

Installation and Maintenance

Simetría offers a wide range of installation and maintenance services, includingthe installation of electrical systems, plumbing, fire equipment, ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, solar energy, and heat-related systems in general. We also strive to ensure that our clients’ facilities always remain in optimal condition, thanks to the efforts of our maintenance services for industrial facilities.