Strongly committed to occupational health and safety

The Simetría Group is strongly committed to occupational health and safety. Indeed, it is one of the Group’s priorities, and a key factor that makes us stand out from the competition.

To this end, the Group’s senior management team is responsible for ensuring that all of the companies in the Group have implemented the best practices in this area. Our aim is to be recognised as a benchmark, thanks to our exemplary risk management. To achieve this, the Group has opted for the preventive approach of a joint OHS service, which guarantees the implementation, development and monitoring of similar requirements in all of the Group’s areas of activity.

Management system
The Simetría Grupo has certified its occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018 standard, thereby consolidating its commitment to OHS in line with both current and future requirements.

At the Simetría Group, compliance with the legal stipulations regarding occupational health and safety is an imperative that comes from the top level of management. OHS services are given the necessary resources to ensure that the staff who work for the Group, or under the Group’s direction (e.g. contractors, subcontractors, industrial partners, etc.), apply the corresponding procedures and observe the corresponding instructions without fail and with all due diligence. To this end, our management systems include platforms for the verification and standardisation of contracts and the coordination of business activities , in order to ensure maximum compliance with the law.The joint OHS service takes steps to determine sources, situations or events (or combinations thereof) that may be harmful to employees’ physical or emotional health, and implements actions within its various areas of specialisation in order to ensure the comprehensive prevention of occupational risks and guarantee the safety of the people who work for and with the Group.The health and safety of those who work under the Simetría umbrella, regardless of their contractual relationship, is one of theGroup’s priorities and a key aspect of our corporate culture.


Encouraging the Group’s employees to look after their health, and raising awareness of how to develop healthy lifestyle habits, is another of the functions performed by Simetría’s Occupational Health and Safety area.


The Group’s joint OHS service has been certified by the Construction Employment Foundation as an approved training organisation.

We are committed to high-quality internal training as part of a culture of risk prevention, as it contributes (and will continue to contribute) to a an OHS-oriented mentality among the employees of the Group’s companies.