Manufacture of

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in the area of materials, the Simetría Group boasts its own facilities for the manufacture of aggregates, concrete, mortar, cement and cement-based adhesives. We produce around 4.5000.000 t/year, across our production plants located in the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Tarragona.

We also specialise in the management of construction and demolition waste n (CDW), thereby completing all stages of the cycle for the comprehensive management of construction materials.

Manufacture and
sale of aggregates

At Simetría we are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of aggregates, with a production capacity of 3.500.000 t/year. Our production centres are equipped with monitoring and control systems that enable us to make sure our products meet the requirements stipulated by our clients.



Concrete and fresh mortar

The Simetría Group also manufacturesconcrete and fresh mortar, producing a total of 300.000 m3/year. We have our own fleet of mixer lorries, along with supply planning systems to make sure our clients’ orders are always met and their needs fully satisfied.

Additionally, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of dry mortar in various formats (in bulk, “big bags” and sacks). Our experience, our knowledge ofraw materials and the capacities of our laboratory allow us to create specific mortars that are adapted to meet the particular needs of our clients.




Within the area of materials, at Simetría we also strive to offer our clients the very best cements. Simetría stands out for the quality of its products, its focus on customer service and the expert advice of its technical department, which is underpinned by the company’s experience of the use of cement in its construction activities.


Mill, Port of Castellón

Waste management

Another of the services we offer in the area of materials is the management of construction and demolition waste (CDW). To this end, we provide containers where waste is collected and subsequently taken away for delivery to the corresponding authorised processor. We also have the capacity to eliminate this waste at our own controlled facilities.


Authorised CDW processors

cement-based additives

Our materials business manufactures and sells dry mortar under the brand nameFORCOL, which was created in 2012, and specialises in the manufacture and supply of cement-based adhesives in sack format. We offer a wide range of products that cover all of the market’s needs in the area of cement-based adhesives.


Cement glue