Simetría es is a group of companies
that boasts over 80 years of experience and believes in a better world. That’s why we work with people who are focused on innovation, effectiveness, sustainability and the human factor.

With a wide range of companies operating in different areas, we are able to offer complete solutions and create synergies between them, in order to adapt to meet the needs of each project.

Developing the future.

Improving mobility.

Our construction services are underpinned by our companies’ extensive experience in the construction of buildings and infrastructure, both public and private. Our work is driven by our clear vocation to implement projects that facilitate sustainable mobility, provide convenience, and improve quality of life for people and society.

4,517 km of national, regional and provincial roads maintained

Developing the future.

Creating new materials.

In the area of Construction Materials, we work under different brands to offer the very best aggregates, concrete, mortars and cement-based adhesives. Within this area, innovation and the circular economy play a key role in our ability to create new materials from the waste generated by construction and demolition (CDW) and other industries. We reuse much of the waste that goes to our own landfill facility, thereby giving it a second lease of life.

Production capacity: 4.5000.000 t per year

Developing the future.

Making it more sustainable.

In the Environmental area, our work focuses on providing high-quality services in the fields of comprehensive waste management, garden maintenance and urban services. Our innovative approach and years of experience enable us to use the best and most up-to-date techniques, such as repurposing gardening waste, creating new products from municipal solid waste (MSW), digitalising irrigation and collection services, and reducing CO2 emissions by replacing conventional vehicles and machinery with their electrical equivalents.

Comprehensive management and treatment of >300,000 t of MSW per year

Developing the future.

Optimising resources.

The Energy services we provide are tailored in line with the areas of energy efficiency, the renewables market, and provision of the necessary facilities for any type of infrastructure. Our goal is to generate clean energy more sustainably, while reducing the environmental impact of our activities. For this reason, at Simetría we have developed our own system for the generation of solar thermal energy.

Patented Solar Thermal Power Modules

Developing the future.

Managing essential resources.

The service we provide in relation to the Water,cycle include the construction of hydraulic infrastructure, the distribution and purification of water, the treatment and recycling of wastewater, and the management and recovery of waste. We apply the spirit of innovation to all of these activities, with the aim of improving the quality of both water and infrastructure in order to improve quality of life for society as a whole.

Water management throughout Spain

Developing the future.

Offering peace of mind.

For our SECURITY, services, we adapt the best security systems and technologies on the market in order to meet the needs of each project, ensuring compliance with the very highest quality standards. To achieve this, we pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details, with the key goal of offering maximum reliability in every project we implement, service we provide and system we install.

1.840.851 alarm signals managed at our central receiving centre in a single year

Developing the future.

Caring for those who need it most.

Our HEALTHCARE services are 100% focused on the wellbeing of the people they care for. Our activities range from design, construction and organisation, to the operation and management of services at a wide variety of centres designed to provide society with an essential service.

Healthcare assistance provided to 4.200 people

Developing the future.

Generating new opportunities.

Our REAL ESTATE services are based on the generation of business opportunities in the property sector, providing a turnkey service that gives our clients peace of mind. To do this, we draw on the experience and service-oriented focus that characterises our group, underpins our reliability and ensures every project is truly unique and special.

More than 150 Projects Generated