At Simetría we guarantee the security of any property

The main aim of Simetría’s comprehensive security services is to provide our clients with protection they can trust, so that security is no longer a concern.

We utilise the most advanced technologies, adapted to suit the needs of industry, businesses, public buildings and homes.

Installation and maintenance of alarm systems

We customise and adapt alarm systems in line with the needs of each home, business, company or institution. We protect every home or small business with the same level of care that we extend towards our major security installations in public buildings, factories, hospitals and other important facilities. Our technical team will travel to the client’s site to install and maintain the alarm systems and resolve any incidents that may occur.

Sistemas de alarma

Our own alarm receiving centre

Simetría’s alarm receiving centre operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and boasts a team of professionals who work without interruption to assist our clients whenever there is an emergency. This enables us to dispatch the response service and to alert the police where necessary.

Central de alarmas

Personal protection and surveillance

The services we offer include the surveillance of buildings and logistics centres. Simetría boasts extensive experience in the provision of these services for public infrastructure. Our team of professionals will travel to the location of an incident and provide the necessary specialist services.


Protección de personas