Real Estate

We offer a professional service

In the area of real estate, the Simetría Group offers a professional property consultancy service specialising in planning management, project development and construction management. Our services are mainly aimed at family offices, property developers and private clients.


As consultants, we provide property-related services and solutions to public administrations, regional and municipal authorities, private organisations of all sizes, large and small operators, franchise owners, and more.

Simetría has the tools, the professionals and the experience necessary to manage every aspect and stage of a property development project, applying strategies that make it possible to achieve optimal results in line with

the project’s potential, needs and requirements.

Moreover, we have the specialist capacity to ensure the efficient and profitable management of property asset portfolios.


At Simetría we work hard to study the site and assess its potential, designing strategies and methodologies in order to draw up action plans with the aim of developing the site in the best way possible. Our efforts focus on managing the processes of land regulation and development, in relation topublic administration as well as private initiatives. The extensive experience our team brings to the table is a guarantee of success.

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Through our real estate area we plan, assist, monitor, follow up, coordinate and contract all of the parties involved in the various processes that comprise any type of building project. We also strive to ensure the building becomes operational as soon as possible by managing and processing all of the necessary documentation with the relevant public administrations, authorities and utilities companies, making sure all of the necessary residence or activity permits, licences and certificates of habitability have been obtained.

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