Construction company operating at the national level

At Simetría we are committed to the construction industry, and our experience is our greatest asset. The Simetría Group strives to be abenchmark in construction: not only for the region of Valencia, but for the country as a whole.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we boast a large portfolio of projects and initiatives carried out in the areas of infrastructure, public works and industry, all of which accredit our expertise and experience in the construction industry.


The construction of major infrastructural works (such as roads, bridges, housing developments, maritime facilities and hydraulic infrastructure) is one of our key strengths and is emblematic of the projects carried out by the Group. Another major strength is our ownership of a large pool of machinery, which enables us to adapt the implementation of a project in line with the needs of each client.


Castellón Airport


Simetría’s areas of specialisation also include the building of housing developments, educational centres, sports facilities, healthcare centres and car parks. Moreover, an important part of our construction activities involves the renovation of historic buildings and adaptations to improve the energy efficiency of existing structures.


Swimming pool and sports area Universitat Jaume I


Different industries usually require specific buildings to accommodate their activities. For this reason, another of our areas of specialisation is industrial construction, including projects such as workshops, factories, logistics centres, desalination facilities and chemical processing plants. Our experience encompasses sectors as diverse as ceramics, petrochemicals, agri-food and metalworking.


Vidres Vila-real Logistics Centre

Upkeep and maintenance

An essential part of Simetría’s construction activities is the comprehensive upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure. We have a deep pool of technical and human resources that enable us to take on projects ranging from the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of local, regional and national road networks, to the maintenance of buildings and dams.


Road maintenance Community of Madrid